About Sharjah Oasis

Sharjah Oasis Real Estate is a highly ambitious company with a universal vision, led by a team of passionate professionals who are ready to challenge the status-quo and conventional ways to achieve significant advancements in economic, social and environmental development within the Real Estate economy.

Sharjah Oasis Real estate is a UAE based corporation, with impeccable real estate development credentials. The company has demonstrated a series of success stories, starting with the launch of its iconic Sharjah Waterfront City project.

A pioneering and reputable company, Sharjah Oasis Real Estate is determined to continue to revolutionize the industry. Furthermore, the company is set to evolve through a diversified business portfolio, refusing always to compromise on quality or values, thus ensuring to provide a Utopian lifestyle to provide heavenly living that its stakeholders envision.

Building on innovation that will inspire generations to come, Sharjah Oasis Real Estate is creating a world-class destination for living, business and tourism. With the creation of legacy projects that span a range of sectors (residential, commercial, retail and leisure) Sharjah Oasis promises to be an influential and sustainable part of the UAE’s landscape and future initiatives.

Our vision, mission and Values

Sharing the vision of those great pioneers who built communities and developed societies – we create a world-class destinations for living, business and tourism. We strive to build truly unique developments that provide an effective contribution to the improvement of people’s lives.

Our mission is to inspire people as others inspired us, to achieve remarkable societal innovations that positively advances the minds, hearts & souls of people by implementing synergy within our projects for better living conditions, socially & economically. Sharjah Oasis aspires for global recognition as the symbol that represents societies & cities that strive for a Contemporary Utopia.

Our actions are based on tenets that realize success. We stride towards providing prosperous commitments to our investors, shareholders and clients. Our relationship management support system provides an extensive effort that contributes to the success of our stakeholders, to continue building valuable & lucrative relationships, while guaranteeing end-user satisfaction.


We are living during an extremely exhilarating and notable time in the UAE’s young history. When more than 160 nations chose the UAE to host Expo 2020, it is truly a resounding vote of confidence in this country’s emerging economy and this nation’s charismatic leadership that fosters entrepreneurship, and preserves growth prospects.

We, at Sharjah Oasis Real Estate, are inspired by His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, to develop Sharjah as the cultural capital of UAE. Our developments have received encouragement from Sharjah’s residential community, who are thrilled with our concepts and vision for the future, particularly for our rich cultural designs, our eco-friendly concepts and community-focused approach.

Sharjah Oasis Real Estate is redefining the dynamics of property development, which will serve as an authentic pattern for others across the world. We strive to connect Societies & Cities alike for the greater commonwealth.

Our driving force, undoubtedly, has been the trust that our stakeholders and clients have placed in us. They are standing by us as we shape the city’s skyline, create world-class developments, and expand to international markets.

Sultan Al Shakrah

Managing Director

Sharjah Oasis Real estate Team

The team comprises of competent & talented individuals. With a combined 60 years of experience, in Real Estate Contracting, Engineering, Banking, Consumer Retail, Marketing and Business Development. With highly reputable Board of Directors to guide the team towards the realization and attainment of turning above-average visions into reality. With a dedicated team of managers, advisors and professionals who are all united under one umbrella to be the fulcrum of the prosperity Sharjah Oasis is creating.

Our respectable Chairman commented; “We have already brought in the best experts from around the world to ensure a customer-centric approach, since we believe that human capital is the buried treasure, which when unleashed, takes us to next level of excellence to offer the best possible design and comfortable living for our valuable customers.”

The Sharjah Oasis Real Estate team was chosen carefully from diverse multi-cultural backgrounds with customer care ingrained as their common core. This creative knowledge and experienced mix combined with our commitment to the highest personal and professional standards, is what sets us apart from our competitors and will ensure both value for our stakeholders, as well as end-user satisfaction.

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